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Toffee Almond Sandies Recipe

Toffee Almond Sandies Recipe

December 07, 2020

I, Frank Briseno IV, was talking with a client the other day and we were reminiscing about past holiday seasons.  We were talking about some of the events my dad, Frank Briseno III, has hosted.  One thing this the client mentioned was the cookies we baked for our turkey event.  We laughed about how cookies are near and dear to our hearts especially during the holiday season.  The client said that their favorite cookie we made was the Toffee Almond Sandie.  It happens to be my dad, Frank Briseno's, favorite as well.  I've actually passed on the recipe to other clients and now decided maybe it would be easier to just post the recipe on line for anyone else who might want to make it for the holidays.  So, attached  is Frank Briseno's Toffee Almond Sandies recipe.  Enjoy!

Frank Briseno IV